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About the Company


Limited Liability Company LEONARDA-SERVICE

Address: 20 Selskokhozyaistvennaya Street, Bldg 3, 129226 Moscow, Russia. Tel./Fax: +7 (495) 772-65-54
E-mail: Leonarda-Service@mail.ru

LEONARDA-SERVICE Limited Liability Company was registered in Moscow, Russia, on January 28, 2005. LEONARDA-SERVICE is an innovation-driven company developing and manufacturing articles serving medicinal purposes. The company is a resident of the STROGINO technopark, Moscows public enterprise and a member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI). It is also listed in the MCCI register of Moscows reliable businesses.

LEONARDA-SERVICE LLC owns PATENTS Nos. 49,534, 58,545, 59,945, 64,481, 73,594, 74,774, 75,570, 83,389, 86,598, 90,798, 97,134, 99,691, 106,529, 2,289,643, 2,319800, 2,383,667, 2,385,166, and 2,422,565

All these patents have been issued for products manufactured by LEONARDA-SERVICE LLC.

    The Company produces the following articles for medicinal purposes:

  • belts, kneepads, and medicinal compression bands from camel wool, or alpaca wool, or angora goat wool. Registration Certificate No. FSR 01012005/2677-05 from the Russian Health Supervision Service (PATENTS Nos. 49,534, 58,545, 2,289,643, and 2,319,800);
  • semi-woolen socks (camel wool, or alpaca wool, or angora goat wool). Registration Certificate No. FSR 2009/04563 from the Russian Health Supervision Service (PATENT No. 59,945);
  • antimicrobial elastic medicinal bandages. Registration Certificate No. FSR 2011/11013 from the Russian Health Supervision Service (PATENTS Nos. 75,570 and 2,385,166);
  • knitted socks, with antimicrobial synthetic threads (varieties). Registration Certificate No. FSR 2009/04564 (PATENTS Nos. 64,481, 73,594, and 74,774);
  • warm medicinal underwear for small pelvis organs and legs. - Registration Certificate No. FSR 2010/08595 (PATENT No. 59,945).

For a detailed description of these articles, visit our site at www.Leonarda-S.com.

A.V. Rezvov, General Director