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Antimicrobial socks


Antimicrobial series



These knitted socks, with antimicrobial synthetic threads woven into the yarn, are intended for oversensitive people to suppress proliferation of fungi, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, and mold.

These knitted socks with antimicrobial synthetic threads woven into the yarn are manufactured by LEONARDA-SERVICE LLC, Russia.

With antimicrobial synthetic multifilament yarn woven in, these knitted socks comprise a machine-woven tube-shaped part of loop rows and wales formed by plating or terry structure.

The multifilament binder thread on the sock inside is made of a synthetic material modified with an additive having an antimicrobial effect to suppress the growth and prevent proliferation of fungi of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Resistant to the effect of microbes, the antimicrobial additive is embedded into the thread mass, rather than spread over the surface thereof, and for this reason it retains its antimicrobial effect after frequent laundering and prevents migration of the antimicrobial additive from threads to the wearers skin, a no minor factor preventing allergic reactions.

The antibacterial properties of the antimicrobial synthetic yarn have been confirmed by an authorized company, SKTC-119 VUTCH-CHEMITEX, S r.o. The antimicrobial activity of the yarn in accordance with ISO/CD 20743, Absorption Method (2004), has also been confirmed by Institut Francais Textile-Habillement.

The face yarn on the sock outer surface is made of natural yarn.

Natural yarn can be made of cotton or wool.

The synthetic multifilament yarn is made of polypropylene.

Antimicrobial socks Antimicrobial socks

Face yarn of cotton or with wool content is used for the outer layer of the knitted socks woven with synthetic antimicrobial threads embedded therein. Choice of cotton or wool depends on the season in which the socks are worn.

In fall and winter, for example, the yarn may be a mixture of wool and chemical fibers, and cotton is used for summer wear.

The antimicrobial properties of these socks are achieved because the synthetic multifilament binder thread containing an antimicrobial additive that faces the skin is always in contact with it and prevents proliferation of fungi and gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, and allows moisture to pass through to the top sock layer comprising a face yarn that soaks up the moisture and expels it outside, keeping the feet dry when the socks are on.

Antimicrobial socks


  • round-the-clock antimicrobial effect;
  • high wear resistance (these socks have a much longer lifetime than ordinary socks);
  • improved size and form durability (the socks do not stretch and are not deformed after laundering); and
  • the socks are suitable for wear in the field (because of their antimicrobial properties).

Name of product:

Knitted socks containing antimicrobial synthetic threads




Medicinal products

Package size:

Package 125 mm × 260 mm


Cotton 60%, antimicrobial synthetic threads 40%.


Antimicrobial properties of the antimicrobial socks are contributed by the binder antimicrobial multifilament synthetic threads on the inside of the socks that suppress growth and prevent proliferation of fungi and gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria on the skin


The socks are designed for people to wear them to suppress proliferation of fungi and gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria on their feet and legs.


Individual intolerance of product components, open wounds, and trophic ulcers.


To be  worn as ordinary socks are.   

Special instructions:

To be washed by hand.