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Woolen socks



Warming series

Socks containing camel, or alpaca, or angora goat wool are intended for preventing and treating (as part of general therapy) chronic and acute diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, gout, muscle and tendon sprain, and acute respiratory diseases). Their warming and massaging effect is achieved by interaction between the wool fibers of the sock (such as camel, or alpaca, or angora goat wool in combination with sheep wool) on wear. The socks improve blood circulation and end the pain syndrome in the legs.

The socks are manufactured by LEONARDA-SERVICE LLC, Russia.

The knitted socks (stockings) each consist of a tubular part woven on a knitting machine into rows and wales of threads comprising yarn of a mixture of natural and chemical fibers, the natural fibers being spun from camel wool, or alpaca wool, or angora goat wool and sheep wool. Chemical fibers are produced from acryl.

The socks have a massaging effect on human skin, along with a warming effect, to stimulate blood flow to the painful spot and end the pain spasm, and are used for preventive and curative purposes in the general therapy of chronic and acute diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis, gout, sprain of muscles and tendons, the pain syndrome, and acute respiratory diseases.

The warming and massaging effect of the socks is achieved through a specific combination of interacting wool fibers (camel wool, and/or alpaca wool, and/or angora goat wool, and sheep wool) selected so as to produce a maximum massaging and warming effect.

A mixture of different kinds of natural wool produces the effect of down fibers mixed with intermediate and ordinary hair that produce the desired maximum effect.

Sheep wool added to the yarn helps improve the properties of the socks, in particular, it makes them softer.

The mixture of coarser camel fibers and down fibers of the alpaca or merino sheep makes a raw material for producing yarn and ultimately socks having desired wear and therapeutic or disease prevention properties.